Sunday, 1 April 2012

Plans aways seem to change

The laundry is still untidy and unclean! I did get up and get dressed and got moving and cleaned and tidied the kitchen, but then I was asked out to lunch by my Mum. Who can resist an lunch invite, especially when it is from your mum!! So instead of cleaning the laundry I decided it could wait til another day but my Mum could not. I seized the day.

We had a nice lunch at the local nursery cafe and wondered around looking at the plants -but I bought nothing! Very proud of myself!!

I an very happy to report though that the kitchen is still tidy with a clean sink 4 days later. A good achievement if I do say so myself. I have told all of the family of my new expectations in the kitchen ans that I expect to wake to a clean kitchen every morning, so if they dirty it after I have gone to bed they clean it! So far so good. Tommorrow I intend to :
-Get up and get dressed
-Clean up the kitchen
-Do a load of laundry
-Tidy up the lounge room
-Take a load of clothes to the Op Shop
-Have morning tea with my Mum.

Lets see how that goes! Then of course it is back to work tomorrow night !

I pray you all have a safe and happy week!