Wednesday, 28 March 2012

A few goals for tomorrow

I have done it again.... I slept all day instead of a few hours and now it is 1am and I am wide awake. So I have been thinking about what I would like to achieve tomorrow.

I have been reading Flylady's blog about decluttering the home and realising what she says is true - it didn't get cluttered and dirty in a day so it wont get cleaned and sorted in a day! Allowing myself to realise this makes it easier to deal with. So I thought I would set a few goals for tomorrow and then go to bed and read which might make me tired!!

Thursday goals
- Tidy the kitchen
- Clean out the laundry
  (It is only a small room so it shouldn't take long)
- Have lunch outside in the fresh air in my garden
- Do some sewing for fun
- Cook dinner from scratch
  (I do this most nights but it sounds good to say it out loud!!)
- Go to my Patchwork class in the evening.

Hopefully I will wake feeling good and even if I don't I will get up and get dressed and get moving as I now have a plan.

I think we can expect too much from ourselves sometimes and when we don't achieve it all we beat ourselves up over it - well I know I do, but I think it is time to be kind to myself. I don't like to think that I have to spend all day working in my home as I want to enjoy my time on my days off. I feel it makes me a better person to spend some time doing things I enjoy, creative things. And lets face it my kids deserve a happy Mum!!

Until next time friends, God bless.