Saturday, 4 February 2012

Finding my way around

Saturday 4th February 2012 11.58pm

Tonight I am finally writing somethingon my new blog. It sounds a bit silly as I have had this page for a week or 2 but I didn't know what to write about.  But tonight I have been looking around and reading some other blogs, patterns and sites and WOW there are so many amazing talented and generous people out there.
I have just found out about FNSI - Friday Night Sew-In and I am really looking forward to joining in and knowing ther are gals all over the world sewing along with me!!

For tonight though I need to stop reading and looking and get back to quilting my wallhanging.

Til next time!!
 Cheers &  God bless .


  1. Hi Kate, I found your blog. hugs, Sue

  2. Hi Kate, Welcome to blog land. It can be a little overwhelming, however everybody is so helpful.

  3. Hello Kate, welcome to the blogging world. You will have lots of fun meeting new folk ,joining in on swaps and reading lots of fun blogs.

  4. Welcome Kate. I am sure you will have lots of fun reading lots of blogs, joining in swaps and learning new things too.

  5. Hello Kate! Another fellow QBSA-er here. Welcome to blogland!! Looking forward to seeing you around!

  6. Thank you for such a warm welcome to blogland and QBSA! A special big thank you to Sue for helping with getting a few buttons on my blog!!

  7. Hi Kate, I'm a newby to the blogging world too and also to the Block Swap as this is only my second month. There are some amazing blogs out there!
    Feel free to check out my blog as well:
    Maybe I'll get you in the block swap sometime!

  8. Hi Kate, I am also new to blogging - only been at it a month. It can be so overwhelming. There are so many fantastic blogs out there with so many followers that at first you can feel a little lost and lonely. Hang in there and just keep doing what you love doing. See already you are making contacts. This is only my first month in QBSA as well - it has been really fun. When you get a minute click over to my blog and say hello.